Owning Electric Car and Electric Car reviews

Do you want to know more about owning an electric car? Are electric cars really good for the environment? Will an EV (electric vehicle) be practicable for you?

Reva G-Wiz electric car, Mitsubishi i MiEV electric car and TATA Indica Vista EV
Reva G-Wiz , Mitsubishi i MiEV and
TATA Indica Vista EV

This website is aimed at answering all these questions - and more besides. This site is not just about the vehicle but also the technology behind them: including EV batteries, motors and the country-wide charging infrastructure.

We have owned and used electric cars since 2006. This puts us in a unique position with a wealth of knowledge and experience about owning and using them. We are regularly approached by major car manufacturers asking us for our opinions on their new vehicles and regularly have pre-launch cars available on long-term test.

Electric Car Blog

Our electric car blog includes our diary of everyday use including the highs and the lows. It also includes exciting news, interviews and articles about the development of the cars and technology.

Electric cars and the environment

As part of our research for our book we have completed tests on electric cars and the environment to see how green they really are. We've talked to the energy companies, the battery makers and the car manufacturers, plus we've been involved with trials with electricity suppliers on the impact of these cars on the national electricity infrastructure.

Electric power staion causing pollution
Can a coal-fired electric power station provide green transport?

Our environmental tests measure the eco-performance of battery powered cars and compare them to the true environmental impact of internal combustion engine cars.

If you are based in the United Kingdom, I've included a real-time National Grid carbon footprint calculator so you can monitor how clean your electricity supply is. So if you already use a battery powered car, you can choose to recharge it when electricity supply is at its cleanest.

Electric Car Reviews

Most of the major manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, Peugeot, Renault and TATA are launching new battery powered vehicles over the next few years.

Our electric car reviews are based first-hand experience on what they are really like. How practical are they? Are they good to drive? What is their true impact on the environment? What range can you expect to achieve?

With experience of so many different cars, our reviews are based on true real-life knowledge.

We have also produced an electric car list including all the vehicles from the major manufacturers available today.

The 2011 Electric Car Guide

The 2011 Electric Car Guide

The 2011 Electric Car Guide is the bestselling book on ownership worldwide. Published by Greenstream Publishing, it gives you all the information you need to help you decide whether an electric car is the right choice for you. It also includes articles from other users about their experience with these vehicles.

The book includes the following information

The book is available from Amazon and all main bookshops

For a taster, why not read the first chapter of the book.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in finding out more about electric cars, you undoubtedly have lots of questions about them.

Check out our frequently asked questions to see what other people are asking about, or ask your own question.

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