Day 2 EV Research

Mitsubishi dashboard, showing a low range remaining
Mitsubishi dashboard, showing a low range remaining

9th May 2010 - We are now on day 2 of the EV Research. We were contacted back in January via the G-Wiz Forums by a masters degree student at Durham. She is studying research into how an EV is used in the real world.

For the research she needs a diary for a week including all the electric car use. This is our diary.

Day 2

Today is Sunday, another day with the family. We are planning to do some gardening and then a trip to our local nature reserve.

We did not put the Mitsubishi i MiEV on charge last night, as we are not planning on going very far today.

We are in the process of tidying our garden and starting a raised bed vegetable area. The raised bed is all prepared, but a few bits are needed for planting.

First trip of the day is to the local garden center and home again, total round trip of 2.6 miles.

In the afternoon we take a drive to our local nature researve, total round trip of 3.8 miles.

We have not used the Mitsubishi i MiEV much today, we have only completed 6.4 miles. We will not put the car on charge again tonight as the range remaining is still enough for all our journeys tomorrow.

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