Day 4 EV Research

Angela Boxwell in the Mitsubishi i MiEV
Angela Boxwell in the Mitsubishi i MiEV

11th May 2010 - We are now on day 4 of the EV Research. We were contacted back in January via the G-Wiz Forums by a student at Durham. She is researching how an EV is used in the real world by regular users.

For the research she needs a week long diary including all our electric car use. This is our diary.

Day 4

Tuesday - Lots of short trips today, which is ideal for an EV.

It is the normal school run, 2 journeys of 5.8 miles. Total distance 11.6 miles.

I have arranged to have a coffee with a friend at one of the garden centres 10.8 miles.

My daughter has brownies in a different village this evening. The village is 2.5 miles away so another 10 miles in total.

The total distance travelled today is 32.4 miles. The car is charged up tonight as my husband will use it for an early work shift in the morning.

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