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1000 Free Charging Points

Zero Carbon World are working hard to install 1000 free charging points across the UK, by the end of June 2012. There are no restrictions on use of the network as you do not need membership or pay an advance.

Tata Indica Vista EV - test drive

TATA Indica Vista EV
TATA Indica Vista EV
electric car

Tata have their eyes firmly set on breaking into the fiercely competitive European market with a new generation of small cars.

The first of these cars is an electric model - the Indica Vista EV - which is to be launched in the United Kingdom early in 2011. We managed to get the first test drive.

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The Future of Electric Car Charging

One company is looking to the future with intelligent cars and wireless electricity to ensure electric cars always have enough range to do any journey at all and never have to be plugged in to recharge.

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Nissan Leaf

Nissan LEAF Interior
Nissan Leaf Interior

The Nissan LEAF may not be available yet, but Nissan claim to have taken over 17,000 deposits for their new electric car.

The first owners will get their cars at the end of this year. Cycling legend Lance Armstrong will be the first lucky person to be given the keys to his new LEAF in the United States and European sales start early in 2011.

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Free Electric Car

Do you want a free electric car? We look at ways in which this may be possible in the future bassed on the mobile phone model.

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Coalition Announce National Charging Network

Leamignton Spa Charging Point
Mitsubishi i MiEV at
Leamington Spa charging point

On the first day of the formation of the new coalition Conservative-Liberal Democrat government, the first announcements about electric cars have been made. In the coalition agreement document, a national network of charging points for electric and plug-in hybrid cars has been announced. The announcement is great news for the future of electric cars in the United Kingdom

Nissan Electric Car

Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF electric car

The Nissan Electric car has been on tour in both the US and UK. Later this year, Nissan will be launching the Nissan LEAF. The LEAF is a spacious five door, five seat family hatchback powered entirely by electricity. The top speed is electronically limited to around 85mph and the car has a claimed range of 100 miles.

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Can Electric cars have the fun factor?

Tesla Roadster has the fun factor for electric cars
Tesla Roadster has the
fun factor for electric cars

Do electric cars have the fun factor? Everyone knows the claims that electric cars are good for the environment... but are they good to drive? Can an electric car be desirable and fun to use? Can an electric car be as good to own as an internal combustion engine car?

Cars capture our imagination and have the power to excite more than almost any other machine.

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Electric Car Range

Recharge the Mitsubishi i MiEV Electric Car
Recharging the Mitsubishi
iMiEV Electric Car

You can't discuss electric cars for very long before the discussion focuses on the range of the vehicle. It is the number one concern that conventional vehicle owners have.

The reality is quite often very different from the perception. Many owners will actually describe the freedom they feel that every time they go out to their cars in the morning, they know they have enough fuel.

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Mitsubishi launches the i MiEV

Mitsubishi Electric Car
Mitsubishi iMiEV
Electric Car

Mitsubishi have won the race to be the first mainstream manufacturer to launch a next-generation electric car. The i MiEV (pronounced eye-meev) is a very capable small family car that takes the electric car out of the city. Better still, if you live in Japan or the United Kingdom, you can have one today.

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Reva - living the life electric

Reva NXR Electric Car
REVA NXR Electric Car

The manufacturer of the best selling electric road car in the world is the Reva Electric Car Company (RECC). Founded in 1994, Reva are based in Bangalore - the Indian 'silicon valley' - and today have cars for sale in 24 countries around the world.

Creating the National
Charging Network

the EV Network - charging points around the United Kingdom
The EV Network charging
points around the UK

Tim Nicklin is the founder of the EV Network, a UK non-profit organisation that is building up a network of charging points throughout the United Kingdom, with individual owners sharing their own personal charging points with others.

Michael Boxwell talks to Tim about his work.

City Car Share

The Zipcar car sharing club allows electric car owners to hire different cars by the hour
The zipcar car
sharing network

Car sharing with a club is a great option for electric vehicle owners who just occasionally need a bigger, or need a conventional car for occasional long distance journeys.

Over the past ten years, car sharing has gained huge momentum. If you live in a major city anywhere in the world, chances are there is a club in your area.

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A brief history of the electric car

The 1888 Electric Rover
The 1888
Electric Rover

Electric cars are nothing new - in fact they pre-date Karl Benz's infamous 1886 tricycle, somewhere between 1832 and 1839, Scottish inventor Robert Anderson built a very simple electric carriage, whilst American Thomas Davenport built an battery powered road vehicle in 1842.

G-Wiz! The little car that started a revolution

The G-Wiz - the little car that started a revolution
Electric Car

In early 2004, a tiny new car appeared on the streets of London, confusing and surprising everyone who saw it, it was more compact than a Smart, it had cheeky quirky styling that demanded attention, could turn around in the width of a narrow street, could squeeze into the tiniest parking space and travelled in silence.

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DIY Electric Car Conversions

If none of the mainstream electric cars appeals, the other option is a DIY conversion - converting a conventional car to battery power. Most people who choose to carry out a DIY conversion, or pay for their vehicle to be converted, do so because they cannot find a production car that will accomplish what they want. Many of these conversions are surprisingly good.

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