First month with G-Wiz

Angela Boxwell with the Reva G-Wiz

29th August 2006 - Our first month with the G-Wiz is complete. The car is getting used a lot, anything for buzzing around town, the G-Wiz is the answer.

Our son is nearly 2 so we have to have a large baby seat in the front this means there isn't enough room for the whole family to fit in the car comfortably. This is a shame, but otherwise it has proved to be absolutely ideal for most of our shorter distance travel.

The children absolutely love it, they will want to use it rather than our big petrol car. Because it is so small, it feels quite fast - buzzing along at 30-40mph it feels much faster, and the children and their friends who have a ride all say how fast the car is.

The G-Wiz has two modes 'F' - Fast and 'E' Economy. In 'F' mode, it does pull away pretty sharpish and easily keeps up with traffic around town. In fact, it often out accelerates other cars from a standing start - the car certainly doesn't hold up other traffic in the town.

In 'E' mode it's still pretty good, keeping up with other cars in 30mph limits but struggles a bit with the hills. In 40mph limit areas, I find it is usually a good idea to pull away in 'F' mode and then switch into 'E' mode once you've built up some speed.

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