POD Point problems again

POD Point charging point
POD Point charging point

3rd May 2011 - We have had POD Point problems again at one of their charging points. At the weekend we decided to try out one of the charging points in Leamington Spa again. Last time we used the Covent Garden's charging post, this time we used the charging facilities in St Peters car park.

We parked the car swiped our tag and the flap opened to charge up our TATA EV. On returning to the car we swiped our tag again, the charging stopped, the display instructed us to remove our cable, but the flap did not open. We tried several times to open it with no luck. At this stage I am beginning to panic as we needed to collect our children in 15 minutes.

We were just about to phone POD Point and I decided to try a different tag and the flap opened. We do not know if the post had been reset by POD point or whether using a different tag worked.

After the problems we have had with the charging posts provided in Leamington Spa we will not be using them again until they have been updated, the company plans to do this in the next month. We are aware of other people who have had similar problems with the same charging posts.

The charging infrastructure needs to be reliable for the uptake of electric cars.

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