REVA NXR electric car
REVA NXR Electric Car

REVA NXR review - It is not on sale yet, but I have been fortunate enough to be the only writer in the world to have driven the REVA NXR electric car, scheduled for release in India at the end of 2011 and worldwide in 2012.

A significantly larger vehicle than the G-Wiz, the car is a full four-seat vehicle that is fully certified as a car, complete with airbags and having undergone the same crash testing as any other car.

The car I drove was a pre-production engineering sample, but nevertheless felt remarkably complete and well finished. The interior looked very dark thanks to a completely black plastics and headlining, but I am told that production models will use lighter colours to give the interior a brighter feel.

REVA NXR electric car interior
REVA NXR Interior

Visibility around the car is excellent and the seats give much more support than the old car. Despite its compact dimensions, the interior is remarkably spacious: front and rear seat passengers have more headroom and legroom than the similarly sized Ford Ka or Fiat 500, whilst there is a reasonable amount of room in the back for two adults to sit. Like the G-Wiz, luggage space is very restricted unless the rear seats are folded down.

I was only able to take the NXR for a short test run but I was impressed with its level of ride and handling. The car was much quieter than the old G-Wiz and very much more refined. Primary ride in particular was very good, with the car riding the bumps and feeling more composed than many mainstream city cars.

REVA NXR electric car red
REVA NXR Electric Car
in red

REVA NXR Performance

In terms of performance, the NXR is not designed to be a sports car (Mahindra REVA do have an electric sports coupe under development, but this will not be available until 2013). However, the car felt nippy and had enough power to feel quick around the city.

The NXR will not be available until 2012, but Mahindra REVA are promising that the car will be competitively priced. If that happens, then the NXR deserves to be a success.

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